Student Union Board

The SUB Programming Body works to enhance undergraduate student life by providing undergraduate student services and social, intellectual, and cultural opportunities that bolster a community and student engagement on campus.

SUB is divided into nine committees:

  • Antostal
  • Acousticafe
  • Collegiate Jazz Festival
  • Concerts
  • Festivities
  • Ideas and Issues
  • Movies
  • Services
  • Special Events

Contact SUB at or visit their website.

Get Involved

SUB is composed of dorm representatives, directors, and committee members. Applications for the director position are released at the beginning of the Spring semester. The Executive Board conducts interviews following the due date for the applications. 

Each dorm has a Hall Election Coordinator that is responsible for all election matters within the dorm. This includes distributing election information, monitoring voting sites, and administering awareness of election rules. Contact your rector or hall staff for more information regarding annual elections.