Club Coordination Council

The CCC is comprised of club members elected by their peers to oversee and represent all the recognized undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame. The CCC disseminates information concerning undergraduate club issues and activities, recommends funding allocations for all undergraduate clubs, serves as a representative of all undergraduate clubs, and coordinates cohesive club programming.

Club Coordination Council is composed of an executive board and six divisions:

  • Athletics
  • Academics
  • Social Service
  • Cultural
  • Special Interest
  • Performing Arts

If you have an idea for a new club, visit the Student Activities Office website for specific details on documents that need to be submitted in order to start a new club. Additionally, clubs are advised to meet with their potential division representatives to discuss their plans for beginning the club prior to submission. New clubs can apply at the beginning of each semester.

If you wish to become involved with the CCC please contact them at, visiting their website, or attend a Club Information Meeting for more information.

Get Involved

CCC members are elected representatives of their clubs and serve to represent the division as a whole; therefore, they must be official members of clubs within the division they are representing. Nominations for positions are solicited at the Spring Club Information Meeting, and members are voted in at the budget meeting later that semester. Potential members who are interested in joining the CCC outside of this timeframe can also contact the division chair who will decide if there is a need and will proceed to a vote of the CCC if so.