Financial Management Board (FMB)

The Financial Management Board (FMB) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a budget for the Student union. FMB conducts an annual hearing to ensure the fair allocation of undergraduate student funds in addition to upholding the fiscal policy of the Constitution.

FMB is chaired by the Student Union treasurer and is made up of the controllers/treasurers from Executive Cabinet, SUB, HPC, CCC, and the four Class Councils. The Off-Campus President and Judicial Council President represent their organizations on the FMB.

The budget for the Student Union is determined at the Annual Allocation Hearing. The FMB representative from each organization prepares a budget and meets with the Student Union Treasurer to discuss their organization's monetary needs. These proposals are then presented at the Annual Allocation Hearing. Once the allocations are agreed upon by its members, the budget is proposed to the Senate Committee on the Budget, which either approves or rejects these allocations.

Get Involved

The outgoing Student Union Treasurer nominates one of the current assistants to assume the role of Student Union Treasurer for the coming term. Once approved, the new Treasurer appoints assistants to his/her position.