The Student Senate is the legislative body of the Student Union whereby representatives from each dorm come together to discuss issues regarding student life, communicate with the Division of Student Affairs, draft documents as a call to action for the university, and formulate rules and regulations concerning the structure and operation of the Student Union.

In general, a Senator acts as the representative voice for his or her dorm members; thus, the entire Student Senate represents the opinion of the student body on topics concerning student life. For a more explicit list of responsibilities, see Article III of the Constitution for duties regarding resolutions, orders, letters, fiscal policy, nominations, election regulations, and other matters.

All Senate meetings are opened to the public except when specifically closed by the Senate. Allegations that come before the Senate also warrant closed meetings. The Senate meets every Wednesday at 6:30. Meetings usually run between an hour to an hour and a half.

Get Involved

Each dorm has a Hall Election Coordinator that is responsible for all election matters within the dorm. This includes distributing election information, monitoring voting sites, and administering awareness of election rules. Contact your rector or hall staff for more information regarding annual elections.