Class Councils

The Class Councils promote the wellbeing of their respective classes by sponsoring functions that promote unity among class members. The Class Council is made up of members from all across campus that work together to plan events, such as class-wide dances, letter writing to friends abroad, prayer services, apparel designs/orders, and more!

Each class is represented by four class officers, namely the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Council officers choose members at their own discretion. Freshman Class Council is composed of one representative from each dorm.

Get Involved

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Council officers must run on a single ticket with their positions designated on the ballot. Each ticket requires 200 signatures in order to be on the ballot. The Freshman Class Council chooses officers from among their ranks once elected. Spending limits and certain campaign rules are also in place to ensure fair elections - please contact the Judicial Council for more information on elections.

The elected officers, who take office on May 1st, set their own rules for selection and usually send out applications in April.