Notre Dame Student Government is an established part of the Student Union that strives to amplify student voices, plan and promote student development initiatives, and better campus life through policy and programming. People from all corners of campus are welcomed members of Student Government as we strive to represent every person.

Student Government also serves to help the Fighting Irish discover their passions, whether it be connecting with the local community or engaging with a national issue. We want to encourage every student to get involved, whether it’s your first time with Student Government or your fourth. Experience is good, but passion is what drives us and what motivates us to better our campus community. If you have an idea or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to support and guide you!

The Notre Dame Student Union has many branches, including Executive Cabinet (and the Department under each Director), Student Senate, Student Union Board, Judicial Council, Class Councils, Hall Presidents Council, Off Campus Council, and Club Coordination Council. For more information on the individual branches, please reference the links below.

This page serves to answer the most commonly asked questions concerning the Student Union, its functions, its procedures, and its purpose. If there is information that you think would be helpful to appear on this page, please email studegov@nd.edu and we will post it as soon as possible.

Executive Cabinet

The Executive Cabinet works to advance the agenda of the Student Body President and Vice-President in an effort to protect the interests of students in all areas of university life


The Student Senate is the legislative body of the Student Union whereby representatives from each dorm come together to discuss issues.

Student Union Board

Student Union Board (SUB) enhances student life by providing undergraduate student services and social, intellectual, and cultural programming.

Hall Presidents Council

The Hall Presidents Council (HPC) coordinates programming among the undergraduate residence halls and discuss matters of residential life.

Club Coordination Council

The Club Coordination Council (CCC) serves as a representative of all undergraduate clubs and coordinates cohesive club programming.

Judicial Council

The Judicial Council works to ensure that the Student Union operates ethically and provides peer advocacy resources to students during the University Conduct Process.

Class Councils

The Class Councils promote the wellbeing of their respective classes by sponsoring functions that promote unity among class members.

Off-Campus Council

The Off-Campus Council represents the voice of the undergraduate students who reside off-campus.

Financial Management Board (FMB)

The Financial Management Board (FMB) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a budget for the Student union.