Judicial Council

The Judicial Council works to ensure that the Student Union operates ethically and within this Constitution, overseeing all elections and allegations associated with such. Judicial Council also provides peer advocacy resources to students during the University Conduct Process.

The Judicial Council has four major subgroups: the Student Union Parliamentarian, elections, peer advocacy, and the Student Union Ethics Commission.

  • The Parliamentarian monitors the transition, internal review, and overall process of the Student Union as outlined in the Constitution and makes appropriate recommendations to the Senate
  • All election matters, such as hall elections, Student Body Presidential debates, and election allegations, go through the Election Committee headed by the Vice-President of Elections.
  • The Vice-president of Peer Advocacy selects peer advocates who assist students during the University Conduct Process.
  • The Student Union Ethics Commission conducts hearings according to the Student Union Constitution and all bylaws and is chaired by the Judicial Council President, who oversees both elections and peer advocacy in addition to representing the Judicial Council on the Student Senate as the chief judicial officer.

Get Involved

The Judicial Council has four major subgroups. Peer advocates are selected in the first weeks of September. Vice-Presidents are selected after April 1st. Both positions involve an application along with an interview process determined by the Judicial Council President.

The Election Committee is a panel of seven undergraduate students in addition to the Parliamentarian, Judicial Council President, and the Vice-President of Elections that reviews allegations of election misconduct.

The Judicial Council President and Vice-President of Elections send out applications to all undergraduate students before petitions for Freshman Class Council are distributed. The two then hold interviews and select seven students to serve on the committee. These students may not hold any other enumerated positions in the Student Union or campaign for office while on the committee.