Off-Campus Council

The Off-Campus Council represents the voice of the undergraduate students who reside off-campus, providing input as to the needs of those students with issues different from those residing in the dorms. This includes the dispersion of information and sponsorship of events targeted at enhancing the student experience off-campus.

The Off-Campus Council is composed of, at the very least, the Off-campus President, the Off-Campus Vice-President, the Off-Campus Senator, and six Off-campus Ambassadors, chosen by the president so as to represent the greatest number of residential areas. The Off-Campus President may appoint more Ambassadors or select any other members at his or her own discretion.

Get Involved

Any student who is residing off-campus for the coming academic year may run for one of these positions. Any student who is residing off-campus at the beginning of the next academic semester or who is currently living off-campus may vote for Off-Campus President, Vice-President, or Senator.

Contact the Judicial Council Vice President of Elections for information regarding off-campus elections.