Thursday Weekly Service Opportunities

Adult Education Alliance: Adult Student Tutoring (Literacy, Math, GED) - South Bend Public Schools

Every Thursday from 8 - 10 am, Various Locations

ND students will work with adult students who are seeking to gain their GED or work on their literacy and math skills that may have been neglected during their childhood education. Population ranges from high school dropouts, immigrants, cognitive and learning disabilities, as well as a wide range of demographics. Tutors will create a powerful and meaningful connection with the adult students and will find applications in education, sociology, psychology, and neuroscience.

Additional Details: 1 - 2 hour time committment, On and Off Campus locations

Issue Areas: Education, Homelessness, Disability Services, Mental Health/Addiction

Contact: Please email

More Information:

If you're able to drive, that would be incredible!

More about us: Adult Education is a subprogram of South Bend's public school system (SBCSC) that aims to educate adults from all backgrounds and assist them in reaching their academic and professional goals. The two of us are working to expand Notre Dame’s involvement with the program in tutoring, curriculum and career development, and teaching. Socioeconomic inequality, neuroscience, disability, and education are dealt with on a daily basis, and given the dynamic nature of the program itself, the experiences are applicable to anyone. We serve anyone searching to attain their high school diploma, english language lessons, and literacy skills. We are looking to establish a tutor system between Notre Dame students and the Adult Education students. Commitment is extremely flexible and be on a weekly, biweekly, or even monthly schedule. You will be matched with a classroom and an adult student to help in their academic and career goals throughout the year, culminating in their graduation in the spring! All of the locations are within the South Bend Community. There is also a location at the Robinson Community Learning Center (RCLC) and on campus at Notre Dame. Opportunities for work study, paid internships, academic credit, and AmeriCorps are also available upon further approval and review. The three areas you can help teach are:

1.) HSE: High School Equivalency: alternative method for students to receive their high school diploma.

2.) Skills: students who are typically at low literacy levels and seeking to improve their basic education.

3.) ELL/ESL: English as a learning/second language classes for students. Students are typically internationally educated and are searching to improve their English.

We also have some new and less demanding opportunities to help out with:

4.) Fundraising and Marketing for the Adult Education Program

Finally, our newest opportunity is that of a "writer", for those of you available in the mornings:

The idea is for someone to come to the skills class (the very low level readers), and have the student "tell their story" and the tutor will write it as they speak it. Then the student would turn around and read what was written since it was all in their words. The purpose is to help students with fascinating stories to write about them, even if they are not skilled enough to write. There’s a lot of work and help that is needed but also so much room for potential and brainstorming alongside the faculty and teachers. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience that is unconventional in every manner. Feel free to reach out to any of us should you have any questions!