Senate Legislation

2024-2025 Term

Senate Orders

Status Details Summary
ADOPTED SO2425-01 An Order to Suspend the Constitution to Extend the Judicial Council Nomination Deadline
ADOPTED SO2425-02 An Order to Extend SO2324-06
ADOPTED SO2425-03 An Order to Extend the Committee on the Constitition
ADOPTED SO2425-04 An Order to Fix a Discrepancy in Article XVI of the Constitution
ADOPTED SO2425-06 An Order to Amend Article XV of the Constitution
ADOPTED SO2425-07 An Order to Suspend Hall Vacancy Elections

Senate Resolutions

Status Details Summary
PASSED SS2425-01 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Daniel Jung
PASSED SS2425-02 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Aidan Rezner
PASSED SS2425-03 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Collette Doyle
PASSED SS2425-04 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Koryn Isa

Senate Letters

Status Details Summary


Status Details Summary


Status Details Summary
APPROVED NOMINATION Chief of Staff Nomination
APPROVED NOMINATION Student Union Secretary Nomination
APPROVED NOMINATION Executive Controller Nomination
APPROVED NOMINATION Executive Cabinet Department Director Nominations
APPROVED NOMINATION Student Union Parliamentarian Nomination
APPROVED NOMINATION Judicial Council Vice President of Elections Nomination
APPROVED NOMINATION Junior Class Council Vice President Vacancy Nomination