Onward Notre Dame


What though the odds be great or small

Old Notre Dame will win over all,

While her loyal sons are marching

Onward to victory


What Does Moving Onward Look Like?




  After a divisive and polarizing year with new challenges presented by COVID-19, Notre Dame is moving onward.  This year, it's up to us to reignite the spirit of Notre Dame and restore the sense of community that has always made this place our home under the dome.  There are many ways to move forward together.  What does marching onward look like to you?  


Onward to...


Connection. Reflection. Tradition





  • Onward to… 

    • Hugs 

    • In person conversations

    • Large gatherings 

    • Unity

    • Halls beside your own 

    • Inclusivity 

    • New friendships 

    • Sharing the Sign of Peace at Mass

    • Maskless smiles 

    • Connecting as the ND Family 



  • Onward to… 

    • Hall Dances

    • Domerfest 

    • Football Weekends 

    • Signature Hall Events

    • Arts performances 

    • Grotto visits 

    • Football 

    • Touchdown Push-ups

    • Reigniting Tradition 



Reflection Onward Campaign2
  • Onward to… 

    • Communal Prayer 

    • Singing in Mass 

    • Coming together with other Religions 

    • Recovery 

    • Reflection and Healing 

    • Honoring lives lost 

    • Grotto Trips

    • Continued Growth

    • Reflecting on How Far We’ve Come

Onward to...


Fill in the blank yourself! How are you going to write your Notre Dame story this semester? Together, we are moving onward, reflecting on the difficulties of the past year and reigniting our community and traditions, marching into a new chapter written by you.

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