Converge PresentersStudent leaders present the Converge Model.

The Converge Model aims to promote civil discourse through matching students of differing political perspectives.

Originally started at UVA, Converge is an attempt to bridge the abundance of partisan politics and improve the political discourse on campus. By signing up and taking a quick survey on your political viewpoints, you will be paired up with a fellow Notre Dame student with differing views. Pairs will be encouraged to meet for coffee/lunch etc. and have a conversation about each other’s political ideologies. The goal of these conversations is not to debate, but to learn about each other’s backgrounds and reasonings. We hope that people will find common ground, make meaningful relationships, and discover new ideas. 

We that these conversations will be rewarding and insightful. We feel that they will be a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about different political beliefs.

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Converge StudentsStudents wait to see who they’ll be matched with.