Campus Safety Summit

Campus Safety RoomStudents listen to the panel discussion in LaFun Ballroom.

This year, one of the Department of University Affairs’ most successful events was our Campus Safety Summit. In collaboration with NDSP, we hosted representatives from the Notre Dame administration as well as from the following police agencies: NDSP, Excise, South Bend Police, and Indiana State Police. These representatives on our panel answered submitted questions focusing on a variety of issues, such as safety on campus, underage drinking policies, and police–race relations. 

This kind of event had been done in the past, but this was the first one where Student Government was fully involved with the planning. We were excited to further our relationship with NDSP. Because of our work, the event had a record-breaking attendance of more than 150 attendees. We were proud to give out over $500 worth of prizes to students as well, donated by NDSP. This Department plans to host another Campus Safety Summit during the Spring semester as well.

Currently, Univ. Affairs’ focus is on reforming our campus’s blue light system, reforming SAO, and making South Bend night life safer for our students. We plan to continue the successful trend of partnering with other organizations to make Student Government’s impact in students’ lives even greater.