How to Get There


Downtown South Bend is less than 2 miles from campus, easily accessible with a​ 1​5-minute bike ride or a 7-minute drive.​ ​Uber pickups can be called to Main Circle, Library Circle, and behind the Main Building.

Additionally, Downtown South Bend and the University Park Mall can be reached by a quick, easy, and​ ​free bus ride on Transpo with your student ID. There are two Transpo lines to take into Downtown South Bend. Visit​ ​for the route schedule and more details.

Transpo Options:
  • Route 5: North Michigan - Catch the southbound bus into downtown at the entrance to Holy Cross College on Dorr Street. ​Runs once an hour.
  • Route 7: ND/UP Mall - Catch the bus at the Library Circle Transpo stop. Take the outbound bus toward the mall and the inbound bus to downtown.​ Runs every 30 minutes.