For Prospective Senators

Interested in representing your peers? Excited about discussing pertinent issues that affect the lives of your friends and classmates? The Student Senate is the perfect place for such action. If you are considering running for Senator from your residence hall or for Off-Campus Senator, it is important to know the following:

  • The Student Senate is composed of 37 voting members: one Senator from each residence hall, one Off-Campus Senator, the Off-Campus President, the Club Coordination Council President, and each of the Class Council Presidents.
  • Residence hall Senators and the Off-Campus Senator serve a one-year term beginning on April 1st of the year elected. Senators must be present for their entire term.
  • The full congregation of the Student Senate meets on a weekly basis. Additionally, Senatorial Committees designed to work on the topics addressed in Senate also meet on a weekly basis. Such committees are Senator-run.
  • A full explanation of the powers, duties, responsibilities, and procedures of the Student Senate can be found in Article III of the Constitution.
  • A full explanation of all election regulations can be found in Article XVII of the Constitution. To find out more information, contact your Hall Elections Coordinator or visit the Judicial Council website.

All prospective Senators should attend an informational session on February 17, 2020, at TBA in the Montgomery Auditorium, LaFortune Student Center. 

This covers the role/importance of the Student Senate, the commitments Senators are expected to make, and election regulations. Below you can find a guidebook on parliamentary procedure and the rules of the Senate. Also below is the presentation given at the informational session.

Parliamentary Procedure and Senate Rules Guidebook

Prospective Senators Informational Session