Minutes, Resolutions, and Orders

2019-2020 Administration


4/1/19 4/8/19 4/15/19 4/29/19 4/30/19* 8/28/19

* indicates Special Session of the Student Senate



SS1920 01 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Gates McGavick

SS1920 02 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Corey Gayheart

SS1920 03 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Briana Tucker

SS1920 04 A Resolution Bestowing Emeritus Status on Shady Girgis

SS1920 05 The Student Senate's Statement on the Proposed New Residential Life Policy




SO1920-01 A Resolution Regarding the Name and Description of the Department of University Policy

SO1920-02 A Resolution establishing the Executive Press Secretary as Director of the Department of Communications

SO1920-03 A Resolution creating the Executive Department of Sustainability and Executive Department of Student Empowerment

SO1920-04 A Resolution mandating the CCC President address the Senate each semester

SO1920-05 A Resolution to amend an inconsistency in Article VI Section 3 (c)(4)

SO1920-06 A Resolution to clarify the responsibilities of the Chief of Staff

SO1920-07 A Resolution to clarify responsibilities of Executive Cabinet Department Directors 

SO1920-08 A Resolution to revise the eligibility for office 

SO1920-09 A Resolution to amend the HPC's attendance at Executive Programming Board Meetings

SO1920-10 A Resolution to amend the Senate Proxy Designations and Instructions

SO1920-11 A Resolution to clarify the role of the Committee on the Constitution

SO1920-12 A Resolution to remove the 24 hour notice of proxy requirement.

SO1920-13 A Resolution to address digital access of the Constitution 

SO1920-14 A Resolution to update titles mentioned within the Constitution 

SO1920-15 A Resolution to clarify the Hall of the Year Review Board Composition