Minutes, Resolutions, and Orders

Here all of the minutes, resolutions, and orders from the Student Senate can be found.

2018-2019 Administration



2017-2018 Administration

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4/26/17 8/30/17 9/6/17
9/10/17 9/13/17 9/20/17
9/27/17 10/11/17 10/25/17
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11/29/17 12/6/17 1/24/18
1/31/18 2/7/18 2/8/18
2/14/18 2/21/18 2/28/18
3/7/18 3/21/18  


SS1718-01   Changing the number of departments Senators must sit on

SS1718-02   Commemorating the work of Corey Robinson, Student Body President Emeritus

SS1718-03   Commemorating the work of Rebecca Blais, Student Body President Emeritus

SS1718-04   Commemorating the work of Michael Markel, Student Body Chief of Staff Emeritus

SS1718-05   Commemorating the work of Bryan Ricketts, Student Body President Emeritus

SS1718-06   Supporting the Stand 4 IX Campaign

SS1718-07   Addressing the Concerns of the Student Body on the Luigi Gregori Murals

SS1718-08   Commemorating the Notre Dame Fencing Program on its NCAA Championship


SO1718-02   Changes to the Election Committee

SO1718-03   Formatting Changes to Article III

SO1718-04   Quorum Status for Proxies

SO1718-05   Attendance Policies for Senators

SO1718-06   Change to the Number of Quorum

SO1718-07   Suspension of Class of 2020 Election

SO1718-08   Creation of CCC Secretary

SO1718-09   Ratification of New Constitution

SO1718-10   Changes to Hall of the Year Scores

SO1718-11   Enumeration of CCC Division Chairs

SO1718-12   Changes to Composition of SUB Executive Director Selection Board

SO1718-13   Duncan Student Center and Campaigning

SO1718-14   Adding Rules on Petitioning

SO1718-15   Mandating the Release of Election Results

SO1718-16   Clarification of Senate Constituencies in the Event of a Tie in an Election

SO1718-17   Quorum and the Election Committee

SO1718-18   Allowing for the Withdrawal of Allegations and Appeals

SO1718-19   Addition of Extenuating Circumstances Clause

SO1718-20   Prohibiting the Promising of Positions

SO1718-21   Allowing the Judicial Council VP of Elections to Attend Senate Appeals

SO1718-22   Changes to Senate Appeals

SO1718-23   Prohibiting Hall Presidents and Vice-Presidents from Endorsing

SO1718-24   Clarifying the Recusal Process in Senate Appeals

SO1718-25   Changes to Parliamentarian and Addition of Committee on the Constitution

SO1718-26   Recusals and the Student Union Ethics Commission

SO1718-27   Increasing Club Funding