Minutes, Resolutions, and Orders

2020-2021 Student Senate



4/15/20 4/22/20 4/29/20 5/21/20 ($)
8/13/20 8/20/20 8/27/20 9/3/20 9/10/20


10/1/20 10/8/20 10/15/20

$: Senator-called meeting



ACTIVE    SO2021-01 | An Order to postpone remaining 2020-2021 term elections to Fall Semester

ACTIVE    SO2021-02 | An Order to establish an independent financial account

UNHEARD SO2021-03 

ACTIVE    SO2021-04 | An Order to suspend elections in Alumni Hall

ACTIVE    SO2021-05 | An Order to suspend elections in Howard and Pangborn Halls

ACTIVE    SO2021-06 | An Order to suspend the following elections

ACTIVE    SO2021-07 | An Order to make available $10,000 from the COVID-19 Response Account

ACTIVE SO2021-08 | An Order to Suspend Late-Comer FCC Elections

REJECTED SO2021-09 | Committee on the Constitution suggestions revising the Executive Programming Board

COMMITTEE SO2021-10 | An Order to amend to prohibit investments in and consumption of Forced Labor

ACTIVE SO2021-11 | An order to suspend and adjust Spring Semester elections and transition

ADOPTED SO2021-13 | An Order to amend the Club Coordination Council Article


PASSED    SS2021-01 | A Resolution bestowing emeritus status on Elizabeth Boyle

PASSED    SS2021-02 | A Resolution bestowing emeritus status on Patrick McGuire

PASSED    SS2021-03 | A Resolution bestowing emeritus status on Linde Hoffman

PASSED    SS2021-04 | A Resolution bestowing emeritus status on Halena Hadi

FAILED      SS2021-05 | A Resolution encouraging the incorporation of Native culture in Moreau FYE program

PASSED    SS2021-06 | A Resolution recognizing Provost Tom Burish

PASSED    SS2021-07 | A Resolution recognizing Women's Basketball Coach Muffet McGraw

PASSED    SS2021-08 | A Resolution recognizing University CIO Scott Melpass

PASSED    SS2021-09 | A Resolution calling SUEC and Committee on the Constitution to action

PASSED    SS2021-10 | A Resolution addressing international and low-income student needs during COVID-19

PASSED SS2021-11 | A Resolution calling for a public commitment from the University to conduct SARS-CoV-2 testing

PASSED SS2021-12 | A Resolution to express support for the appointment of Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg to the Faculty

PASSED SS2021-13 | A Resolution calling for the University to regularly publish COVID-19 modeling

PASSED  SS2021-14 | A Resolution to emphasize Mental Health during COVID-19 and call for expanded Health Services

PASSED SS2021-15 | A Resolution reaffirming the commitment to Preserving an In-Person Fall Semester 2020 

PASSED SS2021-16 | A Resolution to commit to Anti-Racist Action at Notre Dame