New York Times Subscription Update

Author: Aaron Benavides

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We’ve Switched to a Student Body-Wide New York Times Subscription!

What’s changed?

Student Government has historically provided 120 print copies of the Times per day in each dining hall. With these 120 print copies, the Times offered 120 daily passes for online access, requiring students to sign in and claim one pass each day.

Now, starting August 26th, all undergraduate students will be able to access the Times at any time by signing in with their NetID only once, with access lasting until their graduation.

Why is this change being made?

1. This switch is increasing daily access to the Times from a maximum of around 300 students (assuming reuse) to over 8,500!

2. We're cutting down on paper usage and waste!

3. The switch cuts over $7,000 in Student Government spending to be put directly towards students.

How was survey data used?

Survey data from 140 students showed that 60% of respondents were in favor of eliminating the paper copies of the Times entirely; 40% expressed a desire to keep at least some copies.

In reassessing our deal with the Times, we initially hoped to decrease the amount of paper copies while maintaining a small number for those students who strongly prefer reading on paper (and who love doing crosswords).

However, decreasing the amount of paper copies would decrease online seats by the same number, and a decrease would potentially cause regional distribution partners to stop delivering papers to ND. Therefore, it was determined that an online program was the best way forward.

What if I prefer reading on paper?

We recommend supporting student journalism and grabbing a free paper copy of the Observer at either dining hall!



Aaron Benavides
Director of Communications