5 Things Happening in Student Gov. this Week

1. O’Snap

On Wednesday, September 3 the new Safewalk program “O’Snap” was rolled out. Toward the end of last year, Student Government recognized that the current Safewalk program was not being utilized as much as it could be so they looked at what would be the best way to maximize its use. O’Snap will be now safely transporting students in new golf carts. The program will still operate within Safewalk but keep your eyes peeled for the carts around campus! The number for O’Snap is (574) 631-5555.


2. Fall Mall Bikes

Student Government sold 16 bikes collected from NDSP at Fall Mall Bikes. If they break, students can bring the bikes to Transportation Services for free repairs. We are hoping to have another bike sale soon so stay tuned.


3. College Readership

The new college readership program has begun. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are now available for free to students. You can pick up a copy at Debart, LaFun, or both dining halls. There is also free online access to the New York Times available to students. We now have a job opening for someone to deliver newspapers 6 days a week. The job is minimum wage and is from 6:30-7:30 AM, If you are interested please contact Shannon Montague at smontag1@nd.edu. Make sure to pick up your copies of NYT and WSJ.


4. Quad Markets

We are also excited about planning Quad Markets! On Friday, October 10th, before the UNC game, Fieldhouse Mall will become home to Farmer’s Market type vendors! Stay tuned for more info.


5. PE Changes

Senate discussed the elimination of the current PE requirements and the new changes with the college of First Year of Study’s Dean Hugh Page on Wednesday. Senate members voiced their questions and concerns over the changes, including the issue of if there was sufficient student involvement in the decision process and how students can be more involved in similar future decisions.