4 Things Happening in Student Gov. this Week

What we’ve been working on this week. 9/9-9/14

Political Brew

On Sunday morning the first Political Brew of the semester was held in the McNeil Room in LaFortune. Students watch Meet the Press and discuss current events with others who are interested in a structured and educated discussion. Bagels and coffee are also provided. The next Political Brew will be held November 9th.


9/11 Prayer Wall

To honor the memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th, Student Government created a Prayer Wall on Facebook as a forum for students to post and share their thoughts and prayers. This page allowed students a place to share their feelings on that 13th year of remembrance. "No day shall erase you from the memory of time" – Virgil. We will never forget.


Auditing Classes

On Wednesday, Senate joined together to discuss the University’s policy on auditing a class. The current university policy only allows Graduate students the opportunity to audit a class. Senate discussed whether they feel that undergraduate students should also have the opportunity to sit in on classes without being graded.


Student Safety Summit

The Student Safety Summit will be held on Tuesday September 16th, from 5-6 pm. Students can discuss safety issues with NDSP, local law enforcement, and excise police. All are welcome to learn more about the safety concerns affecting our community.