4 Things Happening in Student Gov. this Week 12-08-14

4 Things Happening in Student Government this Week

1.     Student Government is working on a campus-safety video reminding students of good ways to stay safe on campus – a few special guests are helping us out! Keep an eye out for an email with the video and a link to the NDSP website.

2.     Student Government’s service project 29 for 29 has kicked off. 29 for 29 pairs each residence hall with a family from the South Bend Center for the Homeless. The dorms will build relationships with their families and coordinate fun activities together such as sporting events, ice skating, or events in the community. Most dorms have met with their families and we hope to build relationships that will continue throughout the year.

3.     OIT and Student Government is still working on creating a phone app for O’Snap so stay on the lookout for that.

4.     This is the last weekly update for this semester. Student Government would like to wish you good luck on finals as well as a blessed Christmas and New Year. We will see you in January!