4 Things Happening in Student Gov. this Week 11-16-14

4 Things going on in Student Government this Week

1. At Senate last week the student representatives discussed, voted and passed two resolutions. The first is a resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution regarding the Office of Community Standards. It was just a simple update in the wording of the constitution to up to date terminology.  The second resolution passed addresses study areas available to students around campus. Student Government wants to work with building managers to find solutions to students’ increasing demands for study space.


2. At Senate this week, a representative from the Hesburgh Libraries is coming to speak about the future library renovations. If you would like to come it is on Wednesday at 6 in LaFun.


3. OIT is working on an app for O’Snap, keep a lookout for more information. Call (574) 631-5555 if you need a ride.


4. Student Government is unveiling a service project called 29 for 29. Each of the 29 residence halls on campus will be paired with a family from the Center for the Homeless. The halls will adopt that family during the holiday season and continue the relationship throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information.