President Gates McGavick

Gates McGavick

President Gates McGavick is a Senior living off campus this year after spending three years in Keough Hall. He’s majoring in English with a minor in Business Economics. Having originally grown up in Seattle, WA and Hamilton, Bermuda, Gates currently lives in Naples, Florida—after living in numerous places, he is most at home at Notre Dame.

“Notre Dame is an extremely accomplished and driven community. While we recognize the positive aspects of Notre Dame, we also want to ensure that we are focusing on the areas of improvement for campus life.” Gates is looking forward to the implementation of Callisto (Tech to combat sexual assault and harassment), improving SpeakUp ND to improve race relations, and broadening campus conversations on socio-economic concerns and how the cost of living on campus impacts students.

Gates's experience before being elected Student Body President includes:

  • Keough Hall Senator (Sophomore Year)
  • Keough Hall President (Junior Year)
  • Member of Campus Life Council

Some key initiatives Gates will pursue in the coming year include working to lessen inequality of dorm facilities, growing student government's online and in-person presence around campus, finding solutions to make SAO more user-friendly and approachable, and improving the dining halls as well as other campus dining options. The overarching goal of the administration is to make day-to-day changes that students will directly benefit from while seeking change on long-term, pressing campus issues: “Getting the smaller, day-to-day things right makes larger goals more attainable, as trust grows between student government and the student body.”

As Student Body President, Gates will be the chairperson of Campus Life Council for the 2018–19 School Year. His other duties include overseeing the Executive Cabinet, voicing student interests to Notre Dame's administration, and alongside Vice President Corey Gayheart and Chief of Staff Briana Tucker, leading student government's efforts to be Approachable, Collaborative, and Transformative. Above all, he considers his most important duty listening to and representing his constituents. 

Outside of student government, Gates loves writing, reading, and is an avid sports fan. He loves Notre Dame football and annually having his heart broken by the Seattle Mariners. Never, ever hesitate to reach out—meeting people is far and away his favorite part of the job.

If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please email him or reach out over social media!