Vice President Corey Gayheart

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Vice President Corey Gayheart is a Senior living in St. Edward's Hall, majoring in Political Science with a minor in the Hesburgh Program for Public Service. He is proudly from Fairborn, Ohio.

Corey's advice to all students is to get as involved as you can and never stop taking advantage of what Notre Dame offers. From the Career Development Center career treks to Center for Social Concerns seminars, there is something for everyone at Notre Dame. "In your time here, do everything you can to grow, not just in your academic endeavors, but in your personal life and relationships - challenge yourself, go outside of your comfort zone, and meet as many new people as possible. Your world view will grow and evolve into something you never could have dreamed which will allow you to better understand and serve your community."

Through his involvement, Corey has developed a great passion for Notre Dame and sees great potential for our future. “Together, united as a University, Notre Dame can achieve more and demonstrate needed leadership in our fast-changing world while also responding to immediate needs of our campus community. Building a welcoming and inclusive community is essential to making Notre Dame a global force for good.” He wants to ensure that all students feel safe and welcome at Notre Dame and plans to work closely on Sustainability, Sexual Assault Prevention, Socio-economic issues and inclusion, Community Engagement, Transparency/Student Relations, and Student Government reform.

Previously, Corey has served in numerous roles across campus, including:

  • 2019 Class Council Representative (Freshman & Sophomore year)
  • Senator for St. Edward's Hall (Sophomore Year)
  • Department Member of Communications & Community Engagement (Junior Year)
  • Undergraduate Representative on the Parking Appeals Board (Sophomore Year)
  • ND Votes Taskforce (All 4 years), Co-Chair of Community Outreach (Junior Year)
  • Bridge ND (All 4 years), Vice President (Junior Year)
  • St. Edward's Hall Welcome Weekend Captain (Sophomore & Junior Year)
  • Habitat for Humanity General Member (All 4 years)
  • Site Leader for the Center for Social Concerns' Urban Plunge Cincinnati Site (Winters 2016 & 2017)
  • Shamrock Leadership Series (Freshman & Sophomore Year)
  • College Democrats General Member (All 4 years)

As Vice President, Corey will serve as the Chair of the Student Senate and will also oversee the Executive Cabinet (along with President Gates McGavick and Chief of Staff Bri Tucker). The Vice President's office is located in 203 LaFortune Student Center and guests are always welcome. Also, feel free to stop Corey around campus and introduce yourself and talk!

Please don't hesitate to contact Corey if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns - you are always welcome in the office or around campus!