Chief of Staff Prathm Juneja

Prathm is a Junior studying Political Science and Computer Science. He was born and raised in Edison, NJ, and is now a proud resident of O'Neill Family Hall. Prathm has been a member of Student Government since his Freshman year, serving on the Freshman Class Council and then later as The Director of National Engagement and Outreach for the Robinson-Blais administration. He is also actively involved in NDVotes, a member of the Dean's Fellows, and works closely with the South Bend Mayor's Office of Innovation.

His passions for civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, and innovation are a few of the reasons he became involved with Student Government, and they continue to shape his experience in it. As Chief of Staff, Prathm is passionate about working with an incredible team to make Notre Dame a more inclusive environment, broaden mental health resources, fight sexual violence, build a culture of civic-engagement, advance the way South Bend and campus work together, and change the way Student Government and the student body interact. Through chairing the Executive Programming Board and reaching out to groups across the entire student body, Prathm will be working on increasing collaboration and making sure student voices are heard and play a role in decisions. 

Prathm is always available for a cup of coffee or a meal, and feel free to shoot him an e-mail or walk into the Student Government Office if you ever want to talk.