Chief of Staff Bri Tucker

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Chief of Staff Briana Tucker is a senior studying Business Analytics and Political Science. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and was formerly a resident of Flaherty Hall and Pangborn Hall before it transitioned buildings. In Flaherty Hall, Briana served as Spirit Commissioner where she helped build and foster dorm community. Her involvement in student government started last year as a member of the Department of Diversity of Inclusion. Additionally, she is involved in numerous other leadership capacities on campus including Student International Business Council, Student Manager at Au Bon Pain, and a Building Manager and Welcome Desk receptionist at the new Duncan Student Center.


Briana’s passion for community service, diversity and inclusion and student life are among the few but many reasons she became involved in Student Government. She is committed to making Notre Dame a more inclusive campus for all students so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy, participate in, and take advantage of all that this University has to offer.


Briana is excited for all the great work that the team will accomplish this year, and is looking forward to empowering others to do their best work and to become the best versions of themselves. Briana is committed to fight against sexual violence, improving mental health services and awareness on campus, and ultimately improving student life.


As Chief of Staff, Bri will chair the Executive Programming Board and oversee the daily operations of the Executive Cabinet (along with Gates & Corey). Briana’s commitment to being approachable, collaborative, and transformative in her approach to leadership is predicated on an understanding that “Student voices drive student changes. Amplifying student voices and giving every person a seat at the table is necessary to make a substantive difference in the lives of all students.”


Briana is always willing to meet with students for meals or coffee! Students should never hesitate to approach her on campus or stop by her office in the Student Government Office. If you have questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a meeting, please contact her by email: