Alex Kruszewski

Alex is a member of the Class of 2019, double majoring in Finance and Economics, minoring in European Studies and pursuing an International Business Certificate while concurrently completing graduate studies at Harvard Business School. Originally from Erie, PA, the greatest city on earth, Alex now lives in Dillon Hall and is involved in SIBC, MSLA, EUND, managing the University’s Investment Fund (a student-directed portion of the Endowment), etc. He uses extra time to assists the Nanovic Institute through traveling abroad, serving as a guest representative at British Parliament, researching geopolitical impacts on the EU, and establishing the European Community on campus, and the Alliance for Catholic Education in expanding Catholic Education through operating Catholic Schools and Teaching Fellow programs. Alex has interned in financial roles from corporate finance to investment banking and intends on using those experiences to further Student Government’s initiatives.

This year on Student Government Alex will be maintaining the budget, serving as a voting member of the University’s Financial Management Board, working on Financial Wellness/Literacy Initiatives, pushing for Financial Transparency within the University, developing the University’s financial impact on South Bend, proposing a restructuring of Financial Aid and more. Feel free to contact Alex with any questions finance-related or not!