Accompany | Adovcate | Amplify

We strive to accompany, advocate for, and amplify every student on this campus. 

Our projects this term include: 

  • The Women's Leadership Forum
  • Sustainability in Campus Dining
  • Title IX Policy Work 
  • Quarantine and Isolation Care Packages
  • Town Halls with administrators on Campus Reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Title IX, and more
  • Race Relations Week
  • Free Menstrual Products on campus
  • Securing the Calm App and New York Times subscriptions for all students
  • Better Allergy Accommodations in the Dining Hall
  • Advocating for increased transparency from University officials
  • Working to increase dashboard metrics and COVID-19 testing
  • Partnering with student clubs
  • Elevating the Diversity Council as a Special Interest Student Organization
  • Restructuring the Campus Life Council to include representatives of Diversity Council and PrismND

Download our original campaign platform.