Lala Petty

Carlondrea “LaLa” Petty is a double major in Science Pre-Professional Studies and Spanish who currently serves as Director of Community Outreach. While she now lives off campus, she is a former Howard Duck. She is proud to call South Bend her native city and with that you can catch her exploring the hidden gems of South Bend. Since her sophomore year, LaLa has served on the Black Student Association Board where she advocates for and amplifies the voices of black students. In addition she works closely with Notre Dame International as the face of  the 2022 Mental Health Campaign where she vocalizes and works towards destigmatizing the negative attitude of overall health and wellness, especially mental health. Outside of school-related activities, you can catch her in the gym grinding or training fellow students, as she is a certified personal trainer. You can also find her snapping photos of nature, drinking tea or coffee, in deep conversation about life, or jamming out to old school songs. She would love to sit down for coffee, go for a drive or walk, or explore South Bend while chatting about community outreach, movies, music, life, or health and wellness.