Joey Kositzke

Joey is a member of the class of 2025 native of great state of Wisconsin, hailing from the city of Kenosha. He serves this year as the Co-Director of FUEL, driven by an interest in preparing emerging leaders across our campus community. As Co-Director, he is committed to being a resource for first-years and providing the guidance that will equip them to be a force of good for years to come. Joey is a very proud Keenan Knight and actively participates in dorm events such as the illustrious Keenan Revue, as well as the hall's various Interhall sports teams. Outside of dorm life, Joey is pursuing a double major in Management Consulting and Global Affairs and has worked with admissions office as a text center volunteer as well as student government in the departments of Academic Affairs, University Policy, and FUEL. In his spare time, Joey listens to music (just about any genre), watches many films (somewhat of a critic), and spends lots of time with friends. He is ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve the student body this year and looking forward to the opportunities to connect with our community. Feel free to reach out with any questions or just to meet!