Student Union Secretary

Record Cabinet and Senate Meetings; Maintain Records

Executive Controller

Maintain Budget; Member of Financial Management Board; Finance-Related Initiatives

Academic Affairs

Moreau; Majors Night; coffee hours; study abroad; online courses; student-faculty relations


greeNDot training for varsity teams; improving recsports facilities; boost attendance/spirit for athletic events

Campus Technology and Innovation

Redesign ND mobile app; Launch Student Feedback System; foster innovation and entrepreneurship on campus


Coordinate advertising, awareness campaigns, branding, social media, website, graphic design, and administrator interviews

Community Engagement and Outreach

Bridge to the SB community; respond to national issues; quad markets; advertising local internships; encourage public transportation use

Diversity and Inclusion

Race Relations Week; Liaison to Diversity Council; Walk the Walk Week; Native American Moreau Curriculum; Amplifying the voices of marginalized students

Faith and Service

Back the Bend; Interfaith events; retreat planning; partner to Campus Ministry

First Undergraduate Experience in Leadership (FUEL)

Student Government mentorship program for student leaders from the first year class

Gender Relations

Consent campaigns; free sanitary products on campus, promoting greeNDot, First Year Unfiltered; LGBTQ+ support; sexual assault policy

Health and Well-Being

Increase healthy options in dining halls, cheaper workout classes, reorganization of UHS, and mental health awareness

Social Concerns

Facilitate student interest in social justice, human solidarity, poverty, sustainability, labor, civil rights, immigration rights, and mass conflict

Student Empowerment

Collaborate with organizations, clubs, and student union branches; working with the club coordination council; serve as a student resource

Student Life

Partner on Welcome Weekend; dining hall improvements; Flick on the Field


Working with Sustainability office, Campus Dining, and student groups to promote a culture of sustainability on campus

University Policy

Improve the Title IX process for survivors of sexual assault; improve building accessibility for disabled; collaborate with Faculty Senate

National Engagement (ad hoc)

Civil discourse and engagement leading up to the 2020 Election and beyond