Collette Doyle

Collette is from Willow Springs, Illinois—one of the many suburbs of Chicago—studying Political Science and Theology. She currently resides in Johnson Family Hall, where she serves as a junior treasurer and often participates as a lector during weekly masses. As a first-year, Collette was involved in FUEL, where she served on Student Government's Communications Department as well as worked on FUEL's communications subcommittee. Outside of school and extracurriculars, you can find Collette spending almost every waking moment with her friends in JFam, watching her favorite show The Good Place, listening to NPR's many daily podcasts or playing the piano in her dorm's chapel. Collette is extremely excited to continue on with her communications work as official Director of Communications for 2022-2023 where she hopes to improve Student Government awareness and visibility to the student body. Please feel free to reach out whenever to set up a time to chat or grab a cup of coffee!