Briana Chappell

Briana Chappell (she/her) is a member of the class of 2024 from Seattle, Washington, living in Pasquerilla West Hall. Briana is studying Political Science, Global Affairs (with a concentration in Civil and Human Rights), and Sustainability. In addition to being the Director of LGBTQ+ Initiatives, Briana is a Project Co-Lead for the South Bend Racial Justice Project within the Student Policy Network, a member of Notre Dame’s Diversity Council, and a Project Assistant for the Klau Center’s With Voices True Project on race. Briana is very passionate about civil and human rights, and advocating for traditionally marginalized voices both on campus and in her community. Within Student Government, Briana aspires to promote equity and make sure all students at The University of Notre Dame feel welcomed through the implementation of inclusive initiatives and projects, such as PrideFest. Outside of academics, you can find Briana at Notre Dame’s Women’s Boxing Club (Baraka Bouts), smiling with her friends, and serving up coffee at Louie’s Lattes every Sunday.