Councils & Boards

Hall Presidents Council (HPC)

The Hall Presidents Council of the University of Notre Dame is the arm of the Student Union representing campus residential life. The Council is made up of past and present Hall Presidents and Vice Presidents of the twenty-nine residence halls. The Hall Presidents Council is the body responsible for planning, funding, and executing residence hall events. Through weekly meetings, current student leaders identify and promote best practices in planning events for the residential community of Notre Dame.

For more information, please see the website.

Club Coordination Council (CCC)

The CCC is comprised of club members elected by their peers to oversee and represent all of the recognized undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame. Clubs are divided into six divisions based on their missions:

Academic, Athletic, Cultural, Performing Arts, Social Service, Special Interest

If you wish to become involved with the CCC please contact us at or attend a Club Information Meeting for more information.

Financial Management Board (FMB)

It is the responsibility of the Financial Management Board to uphold the fiscal policy outlined in the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Union.  The Financial Management Board monitors the financial activity of organizations for misuse of undergraduate student organization funds and violations of written allocations. 

For any questions please email

Judicial Council 

The Judicial Council is a Student Union group that has three main divisions: elections, ethics, and peer advocacy.

Visit or email to learn more about each division.

Executive Programming Board

Chaired by the Student Body Chief of Staff, the primary goals of the Executive Programming Board are to prevent overlap in programming throughout the Student Union and to increase effectiveness and efficiency in an effort to draw more students to each groups' events.  This is primarily done by an online programming calendar here on this website.  The Board is composed of representatives from each of the major Student Union groups on campus including Student Government, Hall Presidents' Council, Class Councils, Club Coordination Council, Off Campus Council, and the Student Union Board.  The Student Union Constitution requires this group to meet three times every term.

Student Union Board (SUB)

The SUB Programming Body shall enhance undergraduate student life by providing undergraduate student services and social, intellectual, and cultural opportunities that respond to the needs and wants of the undergraduate student body in the most efficient manner possible. Contact SUB at