Board Reports

Twice a year, Student Government reports to the University's Board of Trustees on a topic that Student Government selects. On October 15, student government leaders presented a report on the current state of sexual violence at Notre Dame and how the University can further work to solve the issue. The report focused on campus conversation surrounding sexual violence, the issue's trajectory of change, the role alcohol plays in sexual violence and a process overview. It concluded with recommendations on how to prevent sexual violence on campus and how to improve the reporting and navigating the Title IX process. 

In addition to reports, Student Government also submits memos to the Board on specific issues. Over the summer, a memo was submitted with further details on issues brought up by the previous administration's reports on mental health and student stress. This report analyzes specific high risk groups on campus, such as the LGBT community and racial and ethnic minority groups, and suggested changes to address issues specific to each. Through extensive research, the memo also identified parental education, faculty training, and improved referral processes to improve mental health treatment on campus.