Student Senate

Comprised of representatives from every residence hall and the leaders of other Student Union Organizations, the Student Senate of Notre Dame discusses many important issues that pertain to the Student Body as a whole. Through the passage of resolutions and constitutional amendments, the Senate provides a voice to students through this group of leaders in important University matters. For more information on recent initiatives and discussions, please visit the links below. Senate meetings take place on Wednesdays at 6:00pm in the Notre Dame Room of Lafortune Student Center during the academic year. Meetings are open to the public.

Current Student Senators (2016 - 2017)



Alumni Hall Christopher Thomas
Badin Hall Claire Marie Kuhn
Breen-Phillips Natalia Yépez-Frias
Carroll Hall Andrew Schmitz
Cavanaugh Hall Brittany Benninger
Dillon Hall Tim O'Connell
Duncan Hall Zach Huber
Farley Hall Abigail Whalen
Flaherty Hall Jade Martinez
Fisher Hall Matt Klauer
Howard Hall Ashtin Ballard
Keenan Hall Daniel Guerrero
Keough Hall Patrick McGavick
Knott Hall Matt McKenna
Lewis Hall Allison Young
Lyons Hall Erica Bosso
McGlinn Hall Maria Palazzolo
Morrissey Manor Brady McLaughlin
O'Neill Hall Sebastian Lopez
Pasquerilla East Hall Samantha (Sammi) Berley
Pasquerilla West Hall Madelyne Luddy
Ryan Hall Mary Carroll
Siegfried Hall Michael Semanek
Sorin College Joey Murphy
St. Edward's Hall Corey Gayheart
Stanford Hall Connor Green
Walsh Hall Kristin Andrejko
Welsh Family Hall Rebecca Georgiadis
Zahm House Chris Page
Off-Campus Senator Sofia Perera

Senate Meeting Minutes