Social Concerns

The Department of Social Concerns promotes service learning opportunities and advocates for justice in areas including poverty, sustainability, labor, civil rights, immigration rights and mass conflict.  This department will involve communication with policymakers, legislative advocacy organizations, non-profits, and community leaders, in conjunction with the Department of National Engagement and Outreach.  

This department focuses on promoting the justice driven passions of students on campus, in South Bend, nationally, and internationally.

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  • Andie Tong


  • Mary Brosnan
  • Caroline Yvellez
  • Grace Maxwell
  • Celine Marcos


  • Brittany Benninger
  • Natalia Yépez-Frias
  • Samantha Berley
  • Madelyne Luddy
Andie Tong

Andie Tong / Director of Social Concerns