National Engagement and Outreach

The Department of National Engagement and Outreach strives to foster relationships with student governments at Notre Dame’s peer and aspirational institutions and to develop benchmarks for Notre Dame’s Student Government in both policy and programming based on peer and aspirational institution activities.

The department uses these working relationships to facilitate collaborative and coordinated responses to issues of national importance (e.g. relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy) and to promote the passions and interests of Notre Dame students in the national arena through active involvement with the National Campus Leadership Council.  This department requires an interest in policy on a national level. 

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  • Prathm Juneja


  • Marisa Olsen
  • John Haley
  • Emma Dopheide
  • Meagan Haley
  • Alexa DeSantis


  • Daniel Guerrero
  • Abigail Whalen
  • Corey Gayheart
  • Andrew Schmitz
  • Patrick McGavick
  • Maria Palazzolo
  • Allison Young
Prathm Juneja

Prathm Juneja / Director of National Engagement and Outreach