Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs monitors "the transition, internal review, and overall process of the Student Union" (4.1(f)) as outlined in the Constitution. Constitutional duties of the Department include coordinating “an informational meeting for those seeking office in the Student Senate” (3.6(a)) and considering any “amendment to the Student Union Constitution emanating from the member of Executive Cabinet” (4.3(l)). Other Internal Affairs duties include meeting to discuss and draft Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions, and advising the Executive Cabinet, Senate, and greater Student Government on all Constitutional matters. *All citings can be found in the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body, accessed here.

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  • Stephanie Mastorakos


  • Kate Hardiman
  • Mimi Teixeira


  • Ashtin Ballard
  • Christopher Page
  • Andrew Schmitz
  • Zachary Huber
Stephanie Mastorakos

Stephanie Mastorakos / Director of Internal Affairs