Our Constitution

The Student Union operates under the regulations set forth in the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body of the University of Notre Dame du Lac. This document outlines the structure and duties of each organization, as well as the way in which funds are to be allocated and used. The Student Union is a complex organization that strives to meet the needs of the Student Body through effective and devoted leadership, but this would not be possible without the guidance of the document. Our Constitution is student written and is amended to meet the changing needs of the Student Body.  

A copy can be found here: Official Copy Of The Constitution [04-21-2017]

WE, THE UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS of the University of Notre Dame du Lac, recognize the uncommon value of the vision of Our Lady’s University and our essential role in its ongoing realizations. In order to achieve the greatest possible contribution to our community, we endeavor to make efficient and effective use of the resources available, to communicate student convictions clearly and willfully to faculty, administrators, and trustees, and to achieve consensus within the University community on the formulation and execution of policy. We labor with the entire Notre Dame family to ensure that each student reaches his or her full academic, social, and spiritual potential and resolve to sustain the evolving spirit of Notre Dame by entrusting its care to the student. Therefore, we do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body of the University of Notre Dame and form the Notre Dame Student Union.