Tim O'Connell

Tim O’Connell. Junior. Cheg. Dillon Hall. LaGrange, IL. Aka “Chicago.” Tour guide. Research assistant. Biggest claim to fame since being a high school math team champion: former Dillon Hall Senator. Known for fiery red hair and endearing nicknames “Timmy,” “Timophy,” “TOP,” and “Carrot TOP".

His co-director Caitlin Murphy probably said nicer things about their department’s goal to make “student life reach its full potential” or something like that. All Tim is gonna say about that is— expect big things. Feel free to hang out with Tim in the back corner of 203 LaFun if you like being pelted with nerf bullets at point-blank range, listening to tone-deaf people sing along to their country music playlist, or using your own flex points to buy Starbucks coffee* for other people. (*correction: venti iced coffee 2 pumps of vanilla with half n half).