Dan Swanson

Dan is a member of the Class of 2018, double majoring in Science Pre-Professional and Economics. He hails from New Brighton, Minnesota and calls Morrissey Manor his home on campus. Dan has extensive experience in student government serving as a FUEL representative, Department of Academic Affairs Member, Student Senate Liaison, and President of Morrissey. Dan volunteers weekly at Memorial Hospital in the NICU and Coquillard Primary School as a Cub Scout Leader. He is also a member of the Brown Lab doing research on redox reactive ligands and is a Matriculate Advising Fellow helping low income high school students get admitted to selective colleges.  In his spare time - which continues to prove elusive - Dan enjoys reading, anything outdoors, talking politics, and country music. As the Executive Controller of Student Government, Dan will work to run an efficient budget that effectively allows the student body to learn and grow together.