Meet Our Team

President Rebecca

President Rebecca "Becca" Blais

Becca is a Senior studying Political Science and Peace Studies. She is originally from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, but at Notre Dame, she lived in Farley Hall for three years before moving off campus. Becca has been involved in Student Government since her first year at Notre Dame; she served in Judicial Council and the Ricketts-Ruelas cabinet, and last year, as the Student Body Vice President. She is passionate about making positive change at Notre Dame and beyond. Most of her work has focused on areas such as Title IX, sexual assault prevention, the ND-South Bend relationship, health and wellness, and diversity and inclusion on campus, to name a few. However, Becca is excited to take Student Government to the next level in the 2017-2018 year with Sib, Prathm, and the cabinet. Becca is an avid coffee-drinker and would always love to sit down and talk about Student Gov, traveling, research, good books, or life.

Reach out to Becca anytime at with questions or times for coffee!


Vice President Sibonay

Vice President Sibonay "Sib" Shewit

Sib, a Senior from Northern Virginia who found her Notre Dame home in Welsh Family Hall, is an IT Management major with a concentration in Business Analysis. Now serving as Vice President, Sib began in Student Government her freshman year as a FUEL member. The following year, she served as secretary for the Ricketts-Ruelas administration before being promoted to Chief of Staff for the second half of their term. Beyond Student Government, Sib is the Vice President of Finance for Notre Dame's chapter of Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO). She is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and working through Senate to advance policy changes created by students, and is excited to see what this year has in store for her, her team, and the rest of the student body! Sib is always around if you have any questions or want to learn more about Student Government. Send her an email, or come by 203 LaFun any time!

Chief of Staff Prathm Juneja

Chief of Staff Prathm Juneja

Prathm is a Junior studying Political Science and Computer Science. He was born and raised in Edison, NJ, and is now a proud resident of O'Neill Family Hall. Prathm has been a member of Student Government since his Freshman year, serving on the Freshman Class Council and then later as The Director of National Engagement and Outreach for the Robinson-Blais administration. He is also actively involved in NDVotes, a member of the Dean's Fellows, and works closely with the South Bend Mayor's Office of Innovation.

His passions for civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, and innovation are a few of the reasons he became involved with Student Government, and they continue to shape his experience in it. As Chief of Staff, Prathm is passionate about working with an incredible team to make Notre Dame a more inclusive environment, broaden mental health resources, fight sexual violence, build a culture of civic-engagement, advance the way South Bend and campus work together, and change the way Student Government and the student body interact. Through chairing the Executive Programming Board and reaching out to groups across the entire student body, Prathm will be working on increasing collaboration and making sure student voices are heard and play a role in decisions. 

Prathm is always available for a cup of coffee or a meal, and feel free to shoot him an e-mail or walk into the Student Government Office if you ever want to talk.