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Meet your 2015-2016 Student Government Executives







President Bryan Ricketts

Bryan Ricketts is a senior studying Political Science and Chemical Engineering while living in Duncan Hall. He started his work on Notre Dame’s campus as the president of PrismND from 2013-2015 and as a peer educator for the Gender Relations Center.


His work in these roles has focused on creating spaces in which students are able to explore, grow, and challenge their identities, and which support all the members of the Notre Dame family. It has taken him to relationships with faculty, staff, and administrators which he plans to connect to passionate students in ways that will further their vision of Our Lady’s University. He looks forward to meeting each member of campus and hearing the story of their Notre Dame identity.

Vice President Nidia Ruelas

Nidia Ruelas is a senior studying Political Science and French. Coming to Notre Dame all the way from California, she very quickly became involved in her dorm community in Welsh Family Hall. By her sophomore year she became involved in Diversity Council where most of her work takes place today. After a summer of research in D.C. and a semester abroad in France, Nidia has returned with a greater passion for engaging with the student body and improving student life. As a leader and a moderator who upholds the values of excellence, diligence, and respect amongst her peers, she seeks to embody these principles herself.


Her vision for campus is a place of productive dialogue, motivating challenge, and collaborative action. Nidia anticipates meeting with every member of the Notre Dame community and learning from each of these encounters.


Chief of Staff Dan Sehlhorst

Dan Sehlhorst is a senior studying political science and economics with a minor in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service. Hailing from a small town in suburban Ohio, Dan is now a proud resident in Zahm House. Dan's experience on campus includes serving as a columnist for the Viewpoint section of the Observer, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Undergraduate Research, research assistant in the Department of Political Science, and his current job as a tour guide. He has also worked in Washington, DC, as an intern at the U.S. Department of Education and at the House of Representatives as a Page.


Dan serves as the Chair of the Executive Programming Board and sits on Campus Life Council, Student Insurance Health Advisory Committee, University Committee on the First Year of Studies, and the University Sustainability Strategy Committee.